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We deal with procuring, storing, transportation, usage and trading of pyrotechnic goods to a third party. The procuring of pyrotechnic goods is done from China, Croatia and Bulgaria. We exclusively use products of top quality and with that in mind we choose the best suppliers. The safety of products, services and our customers has always been our top priority. Every piece of merchandise is tested by the official state supervisor and has valid police certificate needed for legal trading. We own specially equipped storage units for storing of pyrotechnic goods out of which we execute distribution across Serbia.


Fireworks performance – products of class III and IV used
Transportation of pyrotechnics (class I, II, III or IV)
Storage of pyrotechnics (class I, II, III or IV)
Our standards in this industry are very high. Our personnel are well trained and own police certificates for handling and transportation of dangerous matter as well as special clearance for fireworks performance. We own special ADR vehicles which are used for transporting pyrotechnic goods to our customers.
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