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- Prohibited in areas with large number of people.
- Prohibited to persons under the age of 18 years (allowed only with the presence of the elderly).
- Strictly prohibited the placing in the pocket, a bottle etc..., doing so may cause unintended consequences-injury.
- Using is unlimited if stored properly (dry and ventilated area).
- In the case of mechanical or chemical damage (broken rod, moisture etc ...) or deactivation of the product for any reason, destroy the product by water.

Outdoor use only. Choose a place for launch. Make sure that there is no vertical obstacles (branches, wire cables, etc.). Put the stabilizer (stick) into the launcher ...

Volcanoes and the fountain rest on a flat surface, light the fuse and move away to a safe distance (minimum 3 m). Using is unlimited if stored properly ...

Outdoor use only. Hold the marked part on a stick or stab that part into the ground. Turn the rod up and light the fuse. Beware of vertical barriers.