Instruction manual: Outdoor use only. Choose a place for launch. Make sure that there is no vertical obstacles (branches, wire cables, etc.). Put a stabilizer (rod) in the launcher (bottle, tube, etc.) with the top of rocket upward. Light the fuse and get away at least 5 m.
- Prohibited in areas with large number of people.
- Prohibited to persons under the age of 18 years (allowed only with the presence of the elderly).
- Using is unlimited if stored properly (dry and ventilated area).
Instruction for destruction:
In the case of mechanical or chemical damage (broken rod, moisture etc ...) or deactivation of the product for any reason, destroy the product by water.

See the latest products. Strictly prohibited the placing in the pocket, a bottle etc..., doing so may cause unintended consequences-injury. Prohibited in areas with large number of people...

Pirobox Pyrotechnics for your celebrations and special occasions can prepare different special effects. Fire, smoke, light... with an unlimited number of combinations will raise the atmosphere to the boiling point.

Izabrati ravnu površinu i uveriti se da nema vertikalnih prepreka. Proizvod obezbediti od prevrtanja pričvršćivanjem za pobijen kočić, podupiranjem ciglama i tome slično. Zapaliti fitilj i udaljiti se minimum 10 metara.