Pirobox Pyrotechnics can prepare different special effects for your celebrations and special occasions. Fire, smoke, light... with an unlimited number of combinations will raise the atmosphere to the boiling point. The use of different pyrotechnics and non-pyrotechnics resources and tools, with your agreement, will remain in a pleasant memory for all guests. Call us.

Outdoor use only. Choose a place for activating. Light the fuse, throw, and get away 3-5 m. Prohibited in areas with large number of people. Unlimited time of use..

Outdoor use only except sprayer, pie fountain and musical candles. Volcanoes and the fountain rest on a flat surface, light the fuse and move away to a safe distance (minimum 3 m).

For the flying items choose a flat surface and make sure there are no obstacles to the vertical direction because of the unpredictable flight. Light the fuse and get away at least 5 m. Put the ground vortices on a flat surface,....